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Dear Friends,

I am delighted to offer my new CD “Flow”. The melodic acoustic guitar compositions in “Flow” have been conceived over my many years of musical meditations, and have been enhanced by the performances of musical guest artist friends listed in the description of “Flow” below.

This CD includes recordings from 1984 to the present and are primarily instrumentals rather than songs, although the concluding “Piece of Prayer” is an acapella song of prayer, preceded and followed by prayers of five faiths (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism) sung and recited simultaneously.

“Flow” in essence,  marks the beginning of the launch of a new and much larger venture — The Jerusalem Prayer Project.  Inspired by my visits to Jerusalem , I wrote the lead cut “Jerusalem Prayer,” which became the sound track basis for a short film by that title, now in development. This then evolved into a music, film and multimedia venture, The Jerusalem Prayer Project, the vision of which is: empowering peace building in the Holy Land and the world through prayer and the arts.  I and my creative team have been working on this project for the past year and a half.

The Jerusalem Prayer Project is set to launch in coming months. Stayed tuned for more details…

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new offering.



About “Flow”


“Flow” is based around Stephen’s melodic acoustic guitar style.  “Jerusalem Prayer” is the lead cut of eight primarily instrument musical pieces on “Flow. The nine minute melodic “Jerusalem Prayer” features Stephen on acoustic guitar and includes guest musicians Yuval Ron (oud), Evan Gavriel Fiske (percussion), Richard Hardy (flute), Jeff Breeh (bass), and Barry Fasman (string arrangements and keyboards). The singers include Stefani Valadez, Mitra Rahbar and Stephen. The CD includes seven other orchestrated instrumentals plus the concluding acapella vocal, Peace of Prayer, featuring Stephen and vocalist Crystal Davis. Additional guest artists on the CD include master guitarist, Zavier, violinist Scarlet Rivera, percussionist, Oliver Brown, tabla player, Greg Johnson and floor drum player, Dennis Knicely.


Here’s what people are saying about “Flow”

“I highly recommend “Flow,” a new instrumental album by my friend Stephen Longfellow Fiske. Stephen is not only a gifted musician, but also a deeply committed peace activist and interfaith minister. His lovely music beautifully conveys the spirit of peace to which he has dedicated his life.”

~ Anthony Manousos

“Tonight at 11:58 I am sitting here listening to your new CD… Shalom As-salāmu ʿalaykum Dona Nobis Pacem (Translation: Peace, Peace be upon you, Grant us peace)
To you, Stephen, it is beautiful.”
~ Carolfrances Likins

“I knew Stephen as a really fine singer/songwriter, but I never realized what an excellent guitarist and instrumental composer he is. Each cut is richly textured, beautifully melodic and exquisitely played. The performances of oudist Yuval Ron, violinist Scarlet Rivera, and floutist Richard Hardy perfectly compliment Stephen’s guitar playing. This is a must-have CD.”

~ Mel Beckett

Flow weaves its spell from the very first haunting notes of Jerusalem Prayer.  This impressive collection of original orchestrated songs from Stephen Longfellow Fiske showcases his innovative compositions and artful musicianship. Enhanced by a circle of other very talented musicians and performers,Flow evokes deep emotions, culminating in the beautiful Peace of Prayer, which caps off a sublime, moving, and enjoyable listening experience.”

~ Stephen Rohde, author and human rights activist


How to purchase “Flow”

Via Paypal (amount of $19.00)

(Includes Shipping and Handling).


Mail Check or Money Order payable to “Stephen L. Fiske” in the Amount of $19.00
(Includes Shipping and Handling).
Mail To:
Stephen L. Fiske
635 California Ave., Venice, CA 90291, USA
Phone: 310-396-8205



Photo Credits: Xochilt Sanchez
Guitar Photo Credit: Rachel Raji Mandelkorn

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