Stephen’s eighth CD offering, Angels and Miracles, is a melodic, orchestral journey, interweaving songs and instrumental compositions, featuring acoustic guitar, keyboards, flute, violin, and percussion. A generous recording of 68 minutes in length, it contains 12 tracks, alternating 7 songs and 5 instrumentals. Guest performers include violinist Scarlet Rivera, flutist Richard hardy, bassist Jeff Breeh, percussionists Oliver brown and Evan Gavriel Fiske, drummer Drew Hester, back-up vocalist Eloah Shaddai-Scaggs, and keyboardist/arranger Barry Fasman. Stephen’s acoustic guitar playing and composing form the musical foundation of the album. With Barry Fasman’s rich string arrangements, Angels and Miracles brings to the listener a healing, uplifting, and inspiring energy. The titles on Stephen’s CD are: Angels and Miracles, Out of the Ashes (inspired by 9/11), Pagossa (instrumental), The Heart Of Love, River Raga (instrumental), Distant Memories, Seeds of Peace (instrumental.), What is Your Wish?, Angel of Lila (instrumental), The Best of It,When You Believe in You, Angels and Miracles (instrumental reprise). Angels and Miracles is Stephen’s most generous work (68 min.) and features more of his solo guitar playing than his other releases.

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