On Saturday they come out to play
the short ones and the tall
from uptown, downtown, all around
they come to play basketball…

… and Stephen Longfellow Fiske is one of them. Grew up in NY schoolyards, parks, and gyms all over the city. Bball scholarship to NYU, when NYU was bigtime. Coached, never stopped playing. Pick-up games, rec leagues – where ever a game could be found. Senior Olympics and Masters Tournaments. Basketball Scene is years of basketball experience in narrative song, descriptive of the culture of pick-up ball, basketball’s foundation. Fiske is a singer/songwriter/author/producer by profession, the game is in his soul.


It’s a basketball scene,
do you know what I mean?


Could be down the schoolyard or up in a gym
where shootin’ hoops is a happenin’ thing…
basketball scene…

In every city and every town
you can find the courts,
you can hear the sounds
of the balls bouncin’,
the players playin’…

Listen to a snippet of the song below;

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