Earth Anthem



“Stephen’s songs go beyond inspiration to act as a wise and passionate guide to the path and ways of peace. Stephen sings of a new way and a new day for humanity”
– Kristin Norton (Coalition for World Peace)

“The definitive songbook for the 21st century peace movement, heartfelt tunes, powerful honest lyrics crying out for justice, tolerance, and peace. Earth Anthem will join ‘This Land Is Your Land’ in America’s roster of incredible folk songs.”
– Stephen Rodhe (attorney at law)

” … an affirmation of planetary healing. I feel as though I can hear the earth saying, Thank you!.”
– Nancy Pearlman (trustee, Cal State University)

“…a wonderful reminder of our interconnectedness, a great collection of songs from a great human being and talented artist.
– Rev. Dr. David W. Randle

Here snippets of the songs below:

Earth Anthem

How Do You Want Your World


Seeds Of Peace


Bridges Of Love

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