Stephen Fiske is a board member of the following organizations:

Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP)

ICUJP was founded in Los Angeles after 9/11 to support the work of Faith leaders from Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other spiritual faiths and traditions who say: “Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence.”

ICUJP’s activities promote critical examination of the costs of violence and war at home and in the world from the Faith perspective. We insist on respect for human rights, international law and the use of peaceful means in the resolution of conflicts.

Since September 2001, a committed group has combined with newcomers every Friday morning in a church basement in Los Angeles at 7:00 am. At these meetings one is likely to hear issues presented by ACLU attorneys, Palestinian/Israeli nonviolent activists or Colombian labor organizers, in political/social discussions with a faith-based orientation.

Unity-and-Diversity World Council (UDC)
The Unity-and-Diversity World Council is a nonprofit, tax-exempt California corporation. It was originally formed to develop the ideals and activities undertaken during International Cooperation Year 1965, which was voted into being by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The goal of the U.N. in establishing that year was to encourage a maximum of cooperation among non-governmental organizations.

Vision: To establish and sustain a local-to-global cooperating body of individuals, groups, and networks for the pursuit of peace, justice, and an environmentally sustainable civilization for all races, cultures, and religions based on universal ethical and spiritual principles.

(1) To realize our connection to the Source of All Life and to all life forms.
(2) To facilitate personal and social transformation and cooperative activities for global peace and justice.
(3) To create an international vehicle for economic cooperation.
(4) To study and take action on different issues, as well as making recommendations for needed action to institutions around the world.
(5) To support the United Nations and its efforts in behalf of global community.

Methods: The methods we use are based upon our search for universal moral and spiritual principles. We welcome the coming together of all ethnicities, cultures and religions into a unity-and-diversity type of community both locally and around the world. We also use the wisdom gained through the work of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in terms of how to achieve loving and truthful social change in a timely manner.