Peace Sunday and the screening of ‘Women Wage Peace’

Peace Sunday is an annual event that I have participated in since its inception at the Rose Bowl in 1982. This year, Peace Sunday will take place on September 17 at the IMAN Center.

I will help facilitate the Interfaith Service in the morning, lead a roundtable discussion following the Persian lunch, and will perform and emcee in the afternoon stage program (2-5). I am especially delighted that this years event will feature the screening debut of Woman Wage Peace, a new film production of the Jerusalem Prayer Project that I and filmmaker Robert Corsini have produced, shot in Israel/Palestine.

For two years the Jerusalem Prayer Project has been in development and our short film documents the historic movement of woman taking the lead and changing the landscape of peacebuilding in the Holy Land.

Women Wage Peace documents the inspiring women’s movement by that name in Israel/Palestine. It is a movement unlike any that has happened before in the effort to bring peace in this troubled region. These courageous Israeli and Palestinian women have basically said, “enough is enough!” regarding hatred, violence enmity and war, and are leading a revolutionary movement in the past three years that is gaining tremendous momentum and changing the landscape of the Middle East peace efforts.


Peace Sunday is an annual event held at the IMAN Cultural Center at 3376 Motor Ave, Palms, LA, 90034, celebrating the International Day of Peace. Peace Sunday is sponsored by The Unity-and-Diversity World Council and One Global Family and this year’s keynote speakers will be US Representative, Karen Bass, and scientist and nuclear engineer, Edward McCullough. The film is also being shown through the extensive network of the Women Wage Peace organization in Israel/Palestine and The Alliance For Middle East Peace.

This year’s theme “Sacred Activism: Caring for Each Other and Mother Earth Through Active Engagement” challenges us, in these increasingly troubled and turbulent times, to step up, stand up, and actualize our most sacred values in our individual lives, in our families, communities, nations, and world.

This year, the sacred activism will address nuclear proliferation and the danger of nuclear waste, which is of specific and immediate concern to us in Southern California due to 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste potentially being stored in steel drums on the beach at the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

The United States has over 5,000 nuclear weapons, more than all the other nations armed with nuclear weapons combined. President Trump is seeking to increase our military budget by $54 Billion taking funds away from social and economic services, education, disaster relief, and foreign aid. US military and associated costs account to fifty percent of the US budget. Nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, and climate change are humanity’s most existential threat. We, the people, have allowed this to happen. We, the people, must resolve these critical issues. We, the people, must demand an end to nuclear madness, and demand that our government acknowledge the reality of climate change, and take steps to amend this insanity!

Peace Sunday has always featured inspiring speakers, music, displays of participating groups, and serves as a day of collaborative participation toward creating a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. This year’s Peace Sunday keynote speakers will be US Congresswoman Karen Bass and scientist, aerospace, chemical and nuclear engineer Edward D. McCullough. Peace Sunday includes a Sunday morning interfaith service with inspiring presentations from interfaith leaders and performers (10am to 11:30am), lunch, breakout session (12:30pm to 1:45pm), and the main afternoon Peace Sunday stage program (2pm to 5pm).​

Ticket Details

General Admission:  $15 Eventbrite / $20 at the door

Students & Seniors:  $10 Eventbrite / $15 at the door

Peace Pole Raffle:    $5 for 1 ticket,  $10 for 3 tickets,  $20 for 7 for tickets

Click HERE to purchase Early Bird Tickets thru Eventbrite by midnight September 15th.

Location Information

IMAN Cultural Center

3376 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Visit the Peace Sunday website for more information:

Visit the Peace Sunday Facebook event page, click “Going”, and invite others:  Facebook link


If you can’t make it to Peace Sunday, please consider making a donation to help us continue in our peacebuilding mission.

Up to this point, the Jerusalem Prayer Project has been self-funded along with initial contributions, bringing us to $50,000, which has enabled us to launch the project and continue in production. In February, Robert and Stephen traveled to Israel/Palestine where they began filming. In August, Stephen returned to Israel and did some additional filming. Women Wage Peace is the result and is our first film offering. Robert and Stephen’s further filming of the Journey to Peace is why we urgently need funding now.

Please consider making a small contribution to further fuel our efforts to bring these inspirational stories of “Warrriors of the Heart” to light.

To donate, click HERE.

Catch a clip from me at last year’s event, below:

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