The Art of Peace

The Art of Peace

A Personal Manual On Peacemaking and Creativity

Words And Drawings By
Stephen Longfellow Fiske
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Quotes from other Authors
“In The Art of Peace Stephen Longfellow Fiske holds high the vision of a way of being the peace that so many of us pray to see break out on Earth.”
–John Robbins, Author, Diet for a New America

“This is a book that makes peace. Stephen Longfellow Fiske expores the meaning and methods of peace in such a away that the reader becomes the peacemaker in vital and practical ways. There is music in this book, magic in this book, new ways of being and world-making in this book.”
–Jean Houston, PH.D., Author, Manual for the Peacemaker

“Anyone seeking wisdom, support and affirmation to hold the faith in the midst of fear will find a welcome companion in this artistic and imaginative, yet sensible, book. Such a peacemaker would do well to meditate on the noble thoughts contained between these covers and pray and practice to live them.”
–Alan Cohen, Author, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Table of Contents
* Foreword — by Alan Cohen
Part One – The Philosophy of Peace

1. Coming to the Peace Perspective
2. There is a Voice
3. By Being a Peacemaker
Part Two – Making Peace a Reality
4. The Peacemaker Precepts
5. Affirming Unity
6. Managing and Resolving Conflict
7. Nonviolence
8. Protecting All Life
9. Make No Enemies
10. Living by Truth
11. Living by Love
12. Living by Faith
13. Integrity of Will
14. The Creative Process
About the Author

Excerpt (p. 115)

Living by Truth

In each moment the world offers us an encounter with Truth.
In each moment the world offers us a face-to-face opportunity
to come to terms with Truth
through the eyes of our human condition.

Who am I? Am I listening to my heart?
Am I living my fullest? Am I honest with myself?
Have I missed the Truth? Where have I gone astray?
Is my ego-dance deceiving me,
keeping my deeper, true self from being reached?
Can I reach that deeper self, converse with it,
dring deep of its reservoir of wisdom, of spiritual strength
and know it, live it,
not just for a moment here and there,
but in this moment now? Forever?