Stephen Longfellow Fiske

American Storyteller
Musician, Performer/Presenter
Interfaith Minister

Stephen Longfellow Fiske

Stephen is a musician, author, poet, artist, filmmaker, and Interfaith Minister. He has performed and lectured widely across the US and abroad. A long-time peace and environmental activist, Stephen is the author of “The Art of Peace” (New Paradigm Books) and is finishing his second book “The Call to Social Integrity – to Interfaith and Wholeness, Democracy, Earth Stewardship, and the Individual,“ An award-winning songwriter, Stephen has produced twelve albums of his original music and has had songs of his covered by such well-known artists as Luther Vandross and Jose Feliciano. Stephen is also founder and Executive Producer of the Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP), a non-profit multi-media production company based in Los Angeles, currently producing a feature documentary filmed in Israel/Palestine, “Warriors of the Heart”, due for release next year, after six years in production. Stephen is a husband, father of three, and grandfather of four, living with his wife, Nikki, in Yogaville, Buckingham, Virginia.


Jimi, the Ballad of Jimi Hendrix

A New Music Video

Stephen Longfellow Fiske

In the late 60’s Stephen was then the lead singer and writer with the San Francisco acid-rock band, The Bycycle . In 1969, The Bycycle opened for Jimi Hendrix at the San Jose Pop Festival, and Stephen met Jimi during soundcheck backstage. Years later Stephen  was working with music/film producer Alan Douglas in LA, who had been on Jimi Hendrix’s management team when Jimi tragically died in London in 1970. Alan was then working on a live-performance film about Jimi Hendrix, when he commissioned Stephen to write “The Ballad of Jimi Hendrix” for the soundtrack of the movie. Having met Jimi and experiencing his performance that day before 15,000, Stephen went to the task of writing the song. He demoed, and delivered the song, and Alan said that BB King was set to record it. But then Alan got into a legal issue over publishing rights, which resulted in  Alan losing in court, and the film was never made. So, Jimi, The Ballad Jimi Hendrix, was never released. For many years, the “Jimi” song was with EMI publishing. Shortly before Stephen moved from Venice, CA, to Virginia, EMI notified him that the copyright to the song had expired, and that as the writer, the song was now his property.  While unpacking in Virginia, Stephen found the lead sheet to “Jimi”, and his interest in the song got rekindled. He did a re-write and then with engineer/co-producer, Gopal Metro, recorded an updated version of the song, now readying for release.

Recording credits:

S.L. Fiske, acoustic guitar and vocals; Jeff Breeh, bass; Sam Eberle, electric guitar: Bhakti Wojcik, BG vocals; Gopal Metro, drum programming; special thanks to Jeff Wolf for drum collaboration.
Co-production, mixing and mastering by Gopal Metro at Gopal Metro Studios.

We Carry The Dream

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stephen Longfellow Fiske

Earth Anthem

Stephen Longfellow Fiske

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