Interfaith Minister/Presenter

Stephen has always been a non-denominational but avid spiritual explorer. He was first exposed to Interfaith through his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King’s inclusive, ecumenical, and intercultural approach to social change. Through his deep involvement with yoga and his discipleship with well-known guru Swami Satchidananda, Stephen has followed the path of “Truth Is One, Paths Are Many.” Leaving behind the rock scene, in search of a deeper meaning in life, he embraced the yogic lifestyle and became a certified Yoga Teacher for the Integral Yoga Institute. in the 1970’s he became active in the San Francisco Interfaith organization “The Meeting of the Ways” and later was ordained as an Interfaith minister by the Reverend Leland Stewart, a Universalist Minister, graduate of Harvard Divinity School, a pioneer in the Interfaith Movement, and the founder of the Unity and Diversity World Council, based in Southern California. As a minister, Stephen has organized, produced, participated in, and led conferences, convocations, festivals, and services, emphasizing Interfaith understandings and peacemaking. He has appeared widely as a guest speaker, workshop leader, and performer across the U.S. and overseas.




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